by The Neon Project


Helping healthcare providers implement and improve conversational user experiences.


How can chatbots improve healthcare?
  1. Start 1:1 conversations to engage with doctors, nurses or patients the way they already communicate and in a discreet way.
  2. Send them relevant advice, news or alerts just when and where they need them.
  3. Monitor treatment adhesion with periodic reminders and check-ins.
  4. Learn about your users through questions asked over time instead of using lengthy forms that lack a context.
  5. Let your medical teams take over the conversation upon certain questions or keywords.


How do we work?
  1. We begin with an Introduction Workshop that covers some of the basic questions: What are chatbots? What are their limitations and possibilities? What’s the state of the art in my sector and market segment?
  2. During the workshop, we analyze your current needs and, if you have them, pre-existing customer conversations. This helps us get closer to your business and understand how we can better help. Where can a conversation add the most value? Which interactions could be easily automated without affecting your customer experience?
  3. Next, we work with your teams to define User Personas. This is vital for conversation design and helps us understand how your brand should communicate with your users. How do they speak? What channels are best to reach them?
  4. Once we understand your brand and objectives and your users and their needs, we can proceed to Personality and Speech design: Who is your chatbot? How does it talk? What’s their story? Eva, our chatbot, has received declarations of love and praise from many users. We help you create unforgettable chatbot personalities that speak to your user’s hearts.
  5. The last part of the Introduction Workshop is related to metrics for success. Many times, conversational projects are seen as secondary, hard to measure, and something to do because competitors do. We help you draft your Objectives and Key Results and understand the possibilities of conversation analysis.
  6. After the Introduction Workshop, if you decide you want to continue working with us, we send a Project Proposal. These proposals range from remote, occasional consulting to key-in-hand project management. While we have internal resources, we love to work embedded in your structure, helping your internal development teams or an external provider of your choice.
Are chatbots worth it?

If you design conversation right and deliver a real value, users will stick. In April 2018 we set ourselves a challenge to engage with users of our chatbot for 10 days in a row. We dumped Mood Bits, our experiment until that time, and re-designed the conversation for recurrence of use: Inspired by the 1001 Nights our Chatbot Eva offered users to share interesting information, then disappeared in a rush every day after telling the readers ways in which chatbots are helpful for healthcare workers. When users insisted in interacting they could talk to Mia, a chatbot friend of Eva’s, for 4 days. Mia delivered nutrition and overall healthy lifestyle advice. 80% of our users sticked with Eva for 10 days and 25% of them chatted with Mia every day out of her 4 day guest appeareance. We believe we are the first team to have ever created a chatbot inside of another chatbot, and the experiment went surprisingly well. If we could achieve these indicators with no resources or pre-existing user base, what could you, as a larger organization with more medical knowledge, achieve? Our methodology

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