New chatbot release!

Eva 1.0

In September Eva was born as a tool to help young women access information about their sexual and reproductive health.

We thought that girls who know about their bodies and the means at their reach to enjoy their sexualities in a safe way are at a lower risk of getting pregnant or contracting a sexually transmitted disease.


Uruguay, as a small country with a lot of interest from the authorities in setting up a digital strategy for health, was home to our first user research. Coming from Africa we knew that an initiative like Eva lied too heavily on the domain of public health authorities, and we knew they had to be involved for the project to succeed.

We spent a month talking to people, getting more insights about their 16% undesired teenage pregnancy rate, and about the other initiatives the Ministry of Health had conducted in the field of sexual education.


In parallel to this research about the Uruguayan use case we had conversations with women of various ages, as well as friends with experience in product design and other fellow chatbot developers.

At the end of October we decided to pivot and redefine Eva.

What if we used Eva to gather information about the potential users and users of a chatbot for women health? To validate our assumptions and add functionalities as we progressed, in the leanest possible way?

Eva 2.0

Eva is now an english speaking chatbot (to reach more people) and she does not specifically focus on the teen pregnancy problem – instead she will get to know you better and we will develop features and information sections as we go.

Our two main goals with this new strategy are:

  1. Reach a wider public
  2. Gather user insight (demographics, goals, conversation style)
  3. Define most wanted use cases

Eva is available as of NOW on out Facebook page, bots4health, for you and your friends to test. Don´t forget to let me know how many 💙 Blue Hearts and 🎈 Red Balloons you get!

Chat with Eva 2.0

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