If you are a Public Health organisation working in Women’s Health: Let’s work together

How much money do you spend each year in making your messages reach women or doing field surveys?

Why deploy large teams in the field to do surveys in paper or ODK when you can have a  large part of your target populations answer questions themselves as effortlessly as they exchange chat messages with their friends?

More people than ever before have access to phones and an Internet connection, and people everywhere use messaging platforms to communicate.

Why not reach your beneficiaries right where they already are?

Studies suggest that conversational interfaces work best with low health and low tech literacy users.


Chatbots are a great way to reach a large number of women, to whom you can broadcast your health messages and surveys.

  • Works on a pre-existing infrastructure so the running costs are kept low.
  • Accepts natural language answers and processes it to extract indicators.
  • Results are made available real time on a visual dashboard.

If you want to run a pilot for a discounted fee reach cristina@bots4health.com